What We Do

by | May, 2015

  • Promote awareness within society on the issue of the infanticide of indigenous children, addressing the issue in the most diverse media, producing and distributing informative material, promoting or participating in cultural events, seminars and lectures in universities, churches, schools, companies, etc.
  • Prevent infanticide together with communities and professionals working in indigenous areas, producing and distributing informative materials on human rights and children’s rights.
  • Attending children at risk of infanticide or survivors, and their families. Currently, Atini assists children of various ethnic groups.


A booklet published in 2006, designed to generate reflection within indigenous communities. Using simplified, easy-to-understand language, the booklet explains the laws that protect children’s rights and tells the true stories of victims and survivors of infanticide. We plan to translate this booklet into other indigenous languages from all over Brazil.

Year: 2006 | Pages: 28
Compiled by: Marcia Suzuki
Graphic Design: Maryangela Alves

Breaking the Silence – a debate on infanticide in the indigenous communities of Brazil
A magazine published in September 2007 addresses the issue from different points of view, such as Human Rights, Anthropology, Cultural Relativism, Bioethics, as well as bringing witness accounts of professionals working in indigenous areas, relatives of victims and survivors. The magazine, which invites Brazilian society to discuss the subject, was presented on the program ‘Programa do Jô’ during an interview with actor Sérgio Mamberti.

Year: 2007 | Pages: 28
Compiled by: Marcia Suzuki
Graphic Design: Maryangela Alves