ATINI is a non-profit organization, based in Brasília – Brazil, internationally acknowledged for its pioneering role in defending the rights of indigenous children.

Atini is made up of indigenous leaders, anthropologists, linguists, lawyers, religious representatives, politicians and educators, and nurtures a deep respect for indigenous cultures.

We are Indigenous, we are Brazilian citizens! Whether living in the city or in the village, we do not abandon the riches of our cultures, but we believe that we are fully capable of distinguishing between what is good and what is harmful to Indigenous life and culture.

Edson Bakairi

Indigenous Leader and Licentiate Professor in History at UNEMAT, MS

Breaking The Silence

An award winning documentary by the journalist and indigenous filmmaker Sandra Terena, this is the result of more than two years of interviews in various regions of the country, such as the Alto Xingu, for example.

Without judging values about practices in indigenous cultures, “BREAKING THE SILENCE” was intended to listen to and record the manifestations of indigenous people who felt the suffering caused by infanticide and therefore wish to be heard.

The documentary gathers reports from relatives of victims, offenders and survivors. There are also anthropologists, lawyers, religious representatives, indigenists and educators.


The story of Arã

The story of Arã

A young Indian woman was saved from collective rape by Atini. The report gained exclusive access to an anthropological report finalized in 2019 that brings a twist to a case that has as a background harmful cultural practices and the invisible heroes of infanticide....

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Letter of Clarification

Letter of Clarification

ATINI – A Voice for Life, would like to make a public statement, through this letter, to clarify information carried by the media over the last few days, which involve the entity and the name of the future Minister of Human Rights, Damares Alves. We hereby inform that...

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